"An email is not enough to thank you and your phenomenal crew for a FANTASTIC event.  Our clients said it was the best event of LA Screenings. I cannot thank you enough. Your team is top notch." - Elissa Shenkman, MGM Studios (Regarding their 90th Anniversary Party)

"You guys were BRILLIANT.  Everyone loved it… thank you so much for everything you did and all of the incredible care you took with every single last detail.  Thank you for working with us… it was a smashing success.  Stay in touch for the next…..we love LOVE!" -Shari Kaufman, VP Talent Relations and Special Events, Showtime (regarding the Dexter Season 8 Premiere Party)

"The food was delicious and it was a pleasure working with your team." - BJ Fagan, PUMA North America, 
Manager, Entertainment Marketing

“Everyone on set is LOVING it!  Is there any way to get the recipe or is it a trade secret?” –Lauren Nukes, Atelier Management (Regarding our Puebla Chicken Stew)

“The food - delicious!  LOVED the Caterer...” –Kim Halizak, Producer on NBC Universal Photo Shoot

“I’m gonna see if we could have them for future J Brand employee events and for my personal events as well” –Dion Ho, J Brand

“THANK YOU for ALL YOUR HARD-EARNED, PAINSTAKING YEARS OF IMPECCABLE SERVICE AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL!!!!” – Christine Sanchez-Bixler, Marc Cherry’s Office (Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids)

“So proud of your success. Looking forward to working with you again and again.” –David Rodgers

“People have been sending me notes throughout the day about the amazing food.  Your team is so kind and accommodating. THANK YOU!!!!” –Karen Lewis, Walton Isaacson

"Thanks to Love Catering for making the evening a success!" -Lindsey Rottenberg, Tiffany & Co. regarding the Great Gatsby VIP Early Screening Party (Images can be found on our Facebook Page