Passed Appetizers

A selection of passed appetizers are a fantastic way to welcome friends before a seated dinner, or consider six or more hearty options to circulate during a cocktail party.  Desserts can make the rounds as well, a happy guest is one that leaves with a sweet taste on their tongue.

As a custom caterer, our clients' wants and needs are paramount in menu planning.  We've assembled some of our favorite options below as a samples.

Send us a request and we'll create something unique, just for you.




steamed bun, tomato leather, eggplant caviar, parmesan

Buckwheat Blini

crème fraîche, Royal Transmontanus caviar, chive baton

Duck Confit

sweet potato gaufrette, kumquat chutney, pepitas

Pork Belly Bahn Mi

bao, crispy pork belly, sriracha and purple cabbage slaw


Short Rib

braised beef, red wine, horseradish cream, crispy shallot

Salmon Tartare

wild salmon, quail egg, horseradish emulsion


charred bay scallop, grits, basil oil and mushroom

Niçoise Brochette

Seared ahi, potato, olive, haricot verts



House-made truffles

Cocoa nib, white chocolate, hazelnut

Chocolate Cup

Dulce de leche and walnut

Milk Shake

Milk-chocolate and lavender

Crema Catalana

Citrus custard with candy glass and orange crystal