The Love Catering Team

Every member of the team at Love Catering has passion: passion for food, passion for creativity, passion to provide the ultimate client experience.  


Founder, CEO

From a paper-route to production catering for Herb Ritts, Jonathan's career path is marked by an intrepid desire to push the boundaries of Love, both the joy received via a job well done and the company he owns.

For those of you that have seen Jonathan playing air-guitar in the kitchen, you know that his energy and enthusiasm is infectious and genuine.

The rapid expansion of Love Catering in the last 10 years has seen Jonathan's role grow from creating the signature brownie recipe still used today, to overseeing a mini-empire of catering, all while maintaining a strong sense of gracious earnestness.


Studio Operations Manager

Well-versed in quality hospitality, Conor is the ideal manager of our client services operation at Milk Studios, a location known for iconic photo-shoots and exclusive events and at Disney Animation, where he oversees our coffee bar and grab and go café.

Along with the territory comes a heightened focus on custom requests and specific dietary and service needs, which Conor and our team facilitate with ease and an understanding of healthy-living and personal well-being. 


Director of Administration

Organization is key for companies with as wide-reaching business endeavors as Love Catering.  Vicki is the key to those systems, with responsibilities ranging from human resources to finance and more.

Our clients will know Vicki's voice and e-mail signature well, as her careful and specific hand guides them through the billing process and as needed with licensing and insurance issues as well.


Events Manager

When a Vanity Fair cover is on the line, the production team's attention is on the scene at hand, not what's for lunch.  

Luckily, they have Luis, our Events Manager who oversees both production catering and corporate drop offs, and arguably the busiest person at Love.  His long-hours are proof-positive there is never a last minute request we won't do our best to handle.